Mohammed Ikrami is an Information Security specialist working with a government entity and is responsible for IT/ICS Security Strategy, GRC, BCP, Security Architecture & design.

Mohammed Ikrami has worked as a Consultant and Technical evangelist for several top MNC’s, including Accenture, Unisys and Sonicwall.
Mohammed Ikrami is an engineering graduate and specializes in Information security strategies, secure ICS architectures, Business Continuity and Information Risk Management.

His professional interests focus on Forensics, advanced cyber analytics and Industrial control systems security. He is a member of several re-known International InfoSec consortiums and holds more than a dozen professional certifications under his belt.
Also known as the infosec guru on the web, he authors several active blogs on the current state of affairs in the Information security world. He is a reknown public speaker and floats a youtube channel where he discusses the current trends, challenges and technologies in the field of cyber security.


The best way to reach me is to use the contact form below.

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  1. Hello,
    With the impending support of NESA & MOI, we are organising Cyber Resilience & InfoSec Conference in Abu Dhabi and on behalf of the advisory board would like to invite you as an executive speaker/VIP guest panelist at the event.


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